11 Magical Castor Oil Benefits – Detailed Guide

castor oil benefits

Did you know that Castor oil is one of the rare oils, which is very versatile? The reason why we say there are multiple castor oil benefits is simple, as it can be used for skin, eyes, hair, stomach etc. 

Want to know more about Castor oil which is the one-stop solution to all your problems? Keep reading! 

How Is Castor Oil Prepared

  • Ricinus Communis Plant: Manufactured by pressing the seeds for extracting oil. (Seeds known as castor beans contain ricin, a deadly enzyme).
  • Heating Process: The deadly enzyme gets killed post the heating process.

Nutritional Composition in Castor Oil

Castor oil is full of nutrients, which makes it obvious why there are various castor oil benefits. Composition includes:

  • Ricinoleic acid – 90% 
  • Linoleic acid – 4%
  • Oleic acid – 3%
  • Stearic acid – 1%
  • Linolenic fatty acids – Less than 1%  

Castor Oil Uses

  • Natural Beauty Product: Known remedy for curing hair, skin and stomach problems.
  • Versatile Vegetable Oil: Used for cooking purposes. 
  • Medical Industry: Used in a variety of medical, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Skin Care: It’s a common food, pharmaceutical, and skincare product addition.
  • Industrial lubricant: Used as a biodiesel fuel component.
  • Labour Pain: Helps pregnant women to accelerate labour.
  • Eye Irritation: Natural cure for eye irritation.

The following are some of the used and  castor oil benefits:

1. A Strong Laxative

One of the well-known therapeutic applications of castor oil is as a natural laxative.

It’s categorized as a stimulant laxative; it helps cleanse the bowels by increasing the action of the muscles that push material through the intestines.

  • Stimulant laxatives are widely used to treat transient constipation and act quickly.
  • Castor oil is broken down in the small intestine when taken by mouth, yielding ricinoleic acid, the primary fatty acid in castor oil. 
  • The colon absorbs the ricinoleic acid, which causes a severe laxative effect.
  • Castor oil has been demonstrated to treat constipation in various studies.

According to a study, elderly persons who consumed castor oil had fewer constipation symptoms, comprising less straining during evacuation and fewer reported experiences of incomplete bowel movements.

While moderate doses of castor oil are deemed harmless, greater doses might produce abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

2. Castor Oil for Moisturizing Skin

Ricinoleic acid is rich in castor oil that is a monounsaturated fatty acid. These fats are humectants and can be utilized to keep the skin moisturized. Humectants keep moisture in the skin by reducing water loss via the epidermis.

  • Castor oil is frequently used in cosmetics to increase moisture and is commonly found in lotions, makeup, and cleansers.
  • This rich oil can also be used on its own as a natural substitute for store-bought moisturizers and lotions.
  • Many store-bought moisturizers contain potentially toxic substances such as preservatives, fragrances, and colours, which can irritate the skin and affect general health.
  • By substituting castor oil for these products, you can decrease your exposure to harmful compounds.
  • Castor oil is also cheap and may be used on both the face and the body.

Due to its thick consistency, castor oil is frequently combined with additional skin-friendly oils such as coconut oil, almond, and olive, to create an ultra-hydrating lotion.

3. Castor Oil Healing Properties

Castor oil generates a moist environment in wounds that aids healing and keeps sores from drying up. Venelex, a popular wound treatment ointment, comprises Peru balsam and castor oil, a balm derived from the tree named Myroxylon.

  • Castor oil promotes tissue growth, which helps establish a barrier between the wound and the surrounding environment. 
  • It reduces the chance of infection.
  • Dryness and cornification, the deposition of dead skin cells that can slow wound healing, are also reduced.

According to studies, pressure ulcers, a form of sore that develops from sustained pressure on the skin, may benefit from ointments containing castor oil.

4. Castor Oil Anti-Inflammatory

Castor oil’s major fatty component, ricinoleic acid, has potent anti-inflammatory actions. As a result, castor oil has been found in studies to reduce inflammation and pain when applied topically.

  • Castor oil’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to people who suffer from inflammatory diseases like psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Ricinoleic acid has been shown in animal and test-tube tests to lessen pain and edema.
  • When a gel containing ricinoleic acid is applied to the skin, it results in a considerable reduction in pain and inflammation compared to other treatment approaches.
  • Ricinoleic acid reduces inflammation induced by human rheumatoid arthritis cells more effectively than another medication.

Apart from its anti-inflammatory qualities, castor oil’s hydrating characteristics may help treat dry, itchy skin in those with psoriasis.

5. Castor Oil Benefits for Acne Scars

castor oil benefits

Acne is a skin ailment that causes blackheads, pus-filled pimples, and huge, painful bumps all over the body and face. It’s most common in teenagers and young adults, and it can negatively impact one’s self-esteem.

Castor oil has several properties that may aid in the reduction of acne symptoms:

  • Inflammation plays a role in the onset and severity of acne; using castor oil to the skin may help alleviate inflammation-related symptoms.
  • Acne is also linked to an imbalance of certain bacteria commonly present on the skin, such as Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Castor oil has antibacterial qualities that may help combat bacterial overgrowth.

Since Castor oil is a natural moisturizer, it may help to soothe the swollen and irritated skin that acne patients experience.

6. Castor Oil Benefits on Fungus-Fighting

castor oil benefits - Fungus Fighting

Candida albicans is a fungus that usually causes plaque buildup, gum infections, and root canal infections in the mouth.

  • Castor oil has antifungal qualities, which may aid in the fight against Candida and help keep the mouth healthy.
  • Castor oil was reported to kill Candida albicans from contaminated human dental roots in a test tube investigation.
  • Denture-related stomatitis, a painful illness suspected to be caused by Candida overgrowth, may also benefit from castor oil. This is a prevalent problem among older denture wearers.

7. Castor Oil Benefits on Scalp

Castor oil is often used as a natural hair conditioner. Castor oil is a strong moisturizer and is very beneficial for dry or damaged hair.

  • Regular application of fats to the hair, such as castor oil, helps lubricate the hair shaft, boost elasticity, and reduce the risk of breakage.
  • Dandruff, a common scalp ailment characterized by dry, flaky skin on the head, may benefit from castor oil. 
  • Castor oil may be a good treatment for dandruff caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis due to its ability to relieve irritation.
  • Castor oil can also be used on the scalp to nourish dry, irritated skin and minimize flaking.

8. Get Rid of Arthritis

Since Castor oil is anti-inflammatory, it contains ricinoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 

  • Castor oil might be used to treat primary knee osteoarthritis effectively. 
  • Castor oil can be used to treat arthritis.

9. Fibroid Treatment

castor oil benefits

Fibroids are uterine tumours. Anecdotal research suggests that the oil may help with constipation (a major symptom of fibroids).

  • A castor oil pack applied to the pelvis for 30 minutes may assist in relieving the pain.
  • It boosts the amount of energy flowing into the area, which helps in treating Fibroid.

10. Hemorrhoids Treatment

castor oil benefits

Swollen veins in the lower area of your rectum and anus are known as haemorrhoids. These frequently cause pain and bleeding. Castor seeds are effective in the treatment of haemorrhoids in studies. This can be due to the seeds and oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities.

11. Castor Oil Anti-Ageing

  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it aids in the fight against free radicals, which hastens the ageing process.
  • Castor oil can be used all around the face, such as beneath the eyes, around the mouth, on the forehead, chin, and neckline. 

Before applying castor oil to your skin, perform a patch test.

Castor Oil Pack

One should keep a Castor oil pack handy, as it is an excellent natural home remedy used for various purposes. How to Make a Castor oil pack:

Ingredients Required

  1. Natural Castor oil which is hexane-free
  2. Jar with a lid
  3. Unbleached – Dye-free wool

How to Prepare

  • Fold the unbleached – dye-free wool three times to make three layers. 
  • Place the wool in the glass jar.
  • Pour castor oil into the glass jar.
  • Shake the glass jar to mix wool and Castor oil

You are done! Just remove the wool when you want to use the oil. 

What to Watch Out For

Castor oil is very commonly found in multiple areas, such as natural food stores and nutritional supplement stores. It is critical to select the best castor oil.

Keep these points in mind

  • Buy a trusted brand to avoid any side effects. 
  • Choose organic castor oil 
  • Read the label carefully because substances, such as fragrance or less expensive oils, could be added to the product and cause skin irritation.

Storage Tips

Castor oil should be kept in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. If the oil begins to smell unpleasant, it is no longer usable and should be discarded.

Castor Oil Side Effects

Overdose of Castor oil could have the following side effects:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Throat tightness
  • Fainting
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Labour pain
  • Allergies 
  • Hallucinations
  • Chest pain

Top Castor Oil Brands in India:

Here are the Best Castor oil brands in India to use:


  • Castor oil has been utilized as a powerful natural remedy for several health concerns for thousands of years.
  • It has been demonstrated to aid in the relief of constipation and the moisturization of dry skin, among other things.
  • Castor oil is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost, multi-purpose oil to keep in your medical cabinet.

We are sure after reading this article on castor oil benefits; you must be amazed to see the benefits Castor offers! At Beauty Duniya, we will leave no stone unturned in providing you with effective remedies, which will benefit you 360 degrees. 

FAQs on Castor Oil Benefits

1.What are the benefits of castor oil on eyebrows?

Answer: Castor oil is a very convincing product for hair growth. Since it has a high constitution of vitamin E and fatty acids, which promote hair growth rapidly, Castor oil works well to increase the eyebrows hair.

2. What are the benefits of applying castor oil to eyes?

Answer: There are multiple benefits of applying Castor oil on the eyes, such as:

  1. It moisturizes the dryness of the eyes
  2. Helps in treating cataract
  3. Prevents dark circles & eye infection
  4. Reduces inflammation around the eyes
  5. Gives beautiful eyelashes 

3.How long does it take Castor oil to show results?

Answer: When using hair and skin, constant usage will show results in a few weeks or months. For curing constipation, one can see results within 2-4 hours. Labour pain takes about 24 hours to show results.

4. Is castor oil beneficial for weight loss?

Answer: Castor oil is a high source of ricinoleic acid, which is known to be a good triglyceride fatty acid, rarely found. It is an anti-obesity agent which helps in burning extra calories and maintains weight. Consuming Castor oil regularly can increase metabolism. 

Read the answers to the frequently asked questions on castor oil benefits.

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