9+ Ideal Guide on How to Grow Nails Faster

How to Grow Nails Faster

Wanted to grow Nails? Let’s read an ideal guide on how to grow nails faster!

We have always desired to take better care of our bodies, whether our skin, hair, or nails. Solutions for health, skin, and hair care have been passed down over the years. What about nails, though? Nails are always ignored in our day-to-day lives, and we rarely think about them. We forget that our nails, too, need to be maintained regularly.

Keeping your nails in good shape makes a fantastic first impression. So, here’s a comprehensive list to know how to grow nails, as well as a few pointers on how to grow nails faster! It is entirely feasible to grow healthy, quick nails—all it needs is a little upkeep and a lot of TLC. And, like growing out your hair, the greatest strategy is to support healthy nail development from the inside out while also protecting the nails you already have from breaking or damage.

Here is your ideal guide on how you can grow your nails faster:

  1. Make sure your tips are well moisturized:

Hydration is important for your nails, just like it is for your skin and hair. Moisturizing your tips will protect them from getting brittle, allowing them to snap off easily. It’s as simple as remembering to apply hand cream after washing your hands. Cuticle care is especially important here: If left untreated, dehydrated, ragged cuticles can lead to damaged nail beds and infection.

how to grow nails
grow nails
  1. Supplement with biotin or collagen:

Diet has a huge role in nail health and growth. Breakage or delayed development of your nails can indicate a nutritional, mineral, or vitamin deficiency. When it comes to healthy nails, pay attention to your food. Because your nails are made up of proteins, they require a lot of vitamins.”

Because your nails (like your hair) are made up of the protein keratin, it’s critical to ensure you’re getting enough keratin-building amino acids. Biotin and collagen supplements are two of the most popular (and well-studied) ways to do so, as they are the most effective in promoting nail health.

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grow nails
Grow Nails Faster
  1. Take Folic Acid:

This vital element, also known as Vitamin B9, can be found in supplements or naturally in foods like legumes and whole grains. One of the most important tasks of folic acid is to repair the cells that make up your nails. As a result, it can help your nails grow faster while also strengthening them and making them less prone to breakage and peeling.

  1. Be careful with your nail paint selections:

Ensure your polishes (base coats, colours, and top coats) contain nourishing, conditioning chemicals instead of drying chemicals like formaldehyde, camphor, and toluene. Since the polishes are left on the nail for up to a week, they mustn’t be actively degrading the proteins. And what if your preferred colour isn’t 7-free or higher? At the very least, make sure you’re using a clean base coat because that’s what will come into contact with the nail.

grow your nails faster
nails faster
  1. Avoid using abrasive cleaners:

You don’t want to use 100% acetone removers if you want to keep your nails strong. Instead, look for choices that include moisturizing components for the natural nail, such as a soy-based remover—these may dissolve polish while also strengthening the nail, and they’re usually infused with vitamins and hydrating elements.

  1. When undertaking manual labour, use gloves:

We forget how much our hands go through typing away at keyboards, performing chores around the house, gardening, yard care, the list goes on and on. If you push firmly enough, you might cause damage to the nail, which can lead to peeling and breaking. But it might also be simple things: “Things like opening a can of Coke can cause that as well,” Lin adds.

It will also protect your nails from any harsh chemicals. Sure, you switched out your acetone polish remover, but consider how your nails are exposed to chemicals daily if you have traditional dish soap in your kitchen, for example

  1. Maintain good nail hygiene:

You can avoid many nail problems like torn cuticles, snagging, and brittleness with a little care. Taking care of your nails is similar to taking care of your skin: Sure, what happens on the inside has an impact on your skin, but taking care of the outside goes a long way. Of course, it won’t solve everything, but it will help you avoid many problems with upkeep and maintenance.

  1. Take a look at your iron:

If you read our comprehensive guide on nail supplements, you’ll know that iron is another nutrient that can affect the health and growth of your nails. You’ll need, well, iron to make your nails as strong as iron. So whether you have brittle, damaged nails, see your doctor get your iron levels checked to see if you have an iron deficiency keeping you from achieving your long nail goals.

  1. Get a manicure for your fingernails:

Is it true that gel polishes are intrinsically harmful to your nails? No, it’s not true. However, if you got fed up and picked your nails off instead of properly removing gel nail polish, your nails are probably the least healthy. What’s more, guess what? If you wish to grow them out any time soon, you’ll have to remedy that. A nail hardener or nail-strengthening therapy is one technique to heal your blue nails. In addition, pantothenic acid is a vital element to look for since studies show it can help keep your nails pliable and less prone to breakage.

  1. Take a Keratin Supplement:

Keratin isn’t simply a hair treatment; it’s also the substance that gives your nails their shape. Taking a keratin supplement, similar to taking a hair supplement, can help increase strength and resistance. It can be consumed or administered topically as an oil.

Last but not least, allowing your nails to be naked and fresh without any nail polish for one or two days a week allows them to take breaths. Most of the time, we change our nail paints every week, preventing our nails from growing and bare. This causes problems with growth and is most noticeable when the nails become yellow and damaged.

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how to grow nails
grow nails

Final Thoughts:

All admire long, strong nails. The secret to how to grow nails is to keep your nails clean and well-cared for. Remember that you can’t make your nails grow faster on their own. However, if you look after them, they will become stronger and last longer, making them less likely to shatter. Grow nails fast by using these home cures for nail development.

If any of these remedies for nail growth help you, let us know by getting in touch with the team at Beauty Duniya. We would love to hear about your experience.

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