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Motivating Women to Lead a Glorious, Passionate and Happier Life Today and Every day!

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Beauty Duniya is an exclusive platform for Indian women which deals with tricks and tips to help them enhance their lifestyle for the better.

At beautyduniya.in, we have a very clear goal, and that is ‘Help Indian Women have a Healthy and Happy Life.

So regardless of whether you are a little girl, teen, youngster or an adult, we have a beauty and lifestyle hack for everyone!

The experts at beautyduniya.in have been trying to leave no stone unturned by researches for days and weeks about the one-stop solution to all problems faced by Indian women.

We have easy and natural solutions and tips for varied skin, makeup, fashion, hair, exercise, weight management, etc.

So, whether you are looking for expert’s advice or looking for DIY methods to try at home, we have solutions depending on your niche needs and wants.

At Beauty Duniya, we can guarantee to provide you with ‘Unfiltered Information’, which covers all the important points under one umbrella.

No longer will you have to hop from one website to the other, when you can get everything, you are looking for in easy language at our website. 

Since the inception, our focus has largely been on ‘Quality’ and at no point do we miss out on providing quality content, which will have the ability to transform women’s lives.

We aim to inspire Indian women to keep up with their well-being and make themselves a priority through our approaches.

Beautyduniya Team Members

beautyduniya.in team members - Ronit Mukherjee

Ronit Mukherjee


Sakshi Jain

English Content Writer

beautyduniya.in team members - Mansi Sharma

Mansi Sharma

Hindi Content Writer

beautyduniya.in team members - Mansi Sharma

Swati Pandey

SEO Expert

beautyduniya.in team - Chaitri Chatterjee

Chaitri Chatterjee

Social Media Handler

beautyduniya.in team members - Mudrika

Mudrika Agrawal

Video Creator

Beautyduniya Social Media Handles

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